About Me

My Background

Jean Keamy photographyI began photographing landscapes with a 4x5 medium format camera in 1980 at Phillips Academy Andover. Having studied at Princeton University and International Center of Photography in NYC, I perfected printing and shooting black and white photography. In 2006 I switched to digital photography at NESOP. In 2012 I took a class with Lance Keimig who introduced me to night photography.

About My Work

Jean Keamy Iceland photographyThe surprise and mystery of the light at night continues to intrigue and drive me. Being an ophthalmologist, I am excited to show my viewers the extraordinary night beyond what our human eye can perceive. I find the night light mysterious and vibrant. I have traveled to Iceland, New York, Bermuda, and Bodie Ghost Town in search of night light.
Often I will scope out locations as well as photograph during the daytime.
On a moonless or moonlit night, I may need to create or enhance light falling on my subjects. The mood and drama of the night scenes are light painted with flashlights, lanterns, and speed lights. Night time shots can take many hours to create and often require collaboration with other photographers.

My second favorite subject matter is dogs. I photograph dogs both in daylight and at night.
I do candid and formal portraits of my dogs and other dogs as well as studio and staged photos of my own dogs. Every dog all has his or her own personality which I attempt to portray in my photographs.